Cookbooks – A Wish List

Cookbooks I’d Love to Find Shelf Space For

I stopped counting how many cookbooks I own somewhere around the 200 mark. After that it just seemed in bad taste to count. That was about 15 years ago. The acquisition rate has slowed off since then, but a quick glance at the shelves tells me the numbers have crept up all the same.

Most people understand the concept of collection, though not necessarily in association with cookbooks. Fewer understand the idea of armchair cookery. An unfortunate guest once missed both completely, asking me why I would possibly want any more cookbooks when I already had more recipes than I could possibly prepare. There was really no point trying to explain.

Over time I intend to post about my favourite books and writers. But this page is for the ones that have so far got eluded me.  Who knows, if my husband ever finds this page I’ll be a happy girl come Christmas.

I’ll be adding to this list as fresh temptation presents itself, so keep an eye out. I’d love to hear what you think of these books or what’s sitting on your wishlist.

Middle Eastern Food

Here are a couple of titles by Greg and Lucy Malouf, their first and most recent.  I have the other three of their books and love them.  The kind of food books that go beyond a list of recipes to describe a time or place.

Arabesque, Greg and Lucy Malouf, October 2007

ISBN 13: 9781844005130 ISBN 10: 1844005135



Saraban: A Chef’s Journey Through Persia, May 2013

ISBN 13: 9781742705132 ISBN 10: 1742705138



Spanish Cooking

The Food of Spain, Claudia Roden, March 2012

ISBN 13: 9780718157197 ISBN 10: 0718157192

Claudia Roden The Food of Spain

Polish Food

Rose Petal Jam: Recipes and Stories from a Summer in Poland, Beata Zatorska/Simon Target, October 2011

ISBN 13: 9780956699206 ISBN 10: 0956699200

Rose Petal Jam

Anne Applebaum: In a Polish Country House Kitchen, November 2012

ISBN 13: 9781452110554 ISBN 10: 1452110557

In a Polish Country House Kitchen

Vietnamese Cooking

The Songs of Sapa, Luke Nguyen, October 2009 (published under a different title in the USA I believe)

ISBN 13: 9781741964653 ISBN 10: 1741964652

Songs of Sapa

Into the Vietnamese Kitchen, Andrea Nyuyen, November 2006

ISBN 13: 9781580086653 ISBN 10: 1580086659

Into the Vietnamese Kitchen

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