Flowers in the Snow

Flowers in the Snow

Got a wool stash that’s taking up space? A guilty conscience about all those half finished projects cluttering up what would be a sewing room/office if only, but only, you could reach the table?

A quick look through Pinterest and Ravelry soon had me thinking about afghan throws in a new way. Our sitting room is decorated in neutral tones with chocolate brown leather furniture. A cascade of colour should help to lift the whole thing.

As it turns out, my stash was under attack by moths, so the project comes just in time (and is an excellent way of using up those shorter lengths of yarn, curse the little beasties).

The picture shows the beginnings of my project. It’s pretty quick. I’m working in DK/8ply and can manage 6 circles in an evening. I’m up to about 170 circles by now.

I’ve decided to wait until they are all done before I join them. I want to employ quilting principles in the lay out to get a good flow of colour and play of light and dark. To help, I’m going to take them along to my monthly craft night at Made on Marion where my long time friend, proprietor and quilter, Maryanne Cathro and other fellow crafters can play with the layout on one of the large tables in the store’s studio space. Once it’s laid out, I can take a picture to fix the arrangement and then start crocheting them together.

Here’s the link to Solveig Grimstad’s easy to follow pattern Flower in the Snow.

Non-American’s should be a little careful with the terminology. It’s all in chains and trebles.

3 thoughts on “Flowers in the Snow

  1. Those look wonderfully colourful! I’m a big fan of cozy blankets, throws, afghans, and whatever else you call them. Although the only ones I’ve made is helping with a couple of charity and baby ones, and one for my brother-in-law, which was a symphony in brown. Which used up all the brown wool in my stash – a great relief.

  2. Hi Katherine.

    I’ve had a lot of fun with the colour. And I think that that is where the key lies. My recollection of granny squares of our childhood was that colours were shunted together fairly randomly and the prevailing colours for joining yarn were black or black.

    If you work the colours you get a much different result. Tone on tone (I bet your browns looked pretty damn good), limited spectrum. I’ve seen some people use the same (or variants on the same) colour for the centre which provides for a very interesting result. Like a log cabin quilt in some ways, but much more portable and you can do it in front of TV (for those of us who can’t do TV without one or two other activities on the go).

    The girls are really enjoying the project too. I spread all the circles out on the dining table and they go through to spot the new ones, name their favourites, and pick the yarns that were left over from their sweaters. They are looking forward to curling up under it on the sofa for movies and story time. So is their mother.

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